Asshole Parenting Diary Entries 1-3

I first started seeing Asshole Parent articles on Buzzfeed and Twitter a couple of years ago, so I decided to start keeping a diary of my own “adventures.” I started writing the Asshole Parenting Diary on my Facebook page over the summer, and thought I would share some of my previous entries with you. If you can answer the age old question of “Which one is the asshole?” I would really appreciate it.

Entry 1 (June 18, 2016): Today, Hayden and I spent 45 minutes outside waiting for him to step over a divide in the sidewalk without my help. During our battles of the wills, he spent the time walking UP and DOWN the door mat, and I drew my shapes and numbers with chalk while listening to nursery rhymes. I can’t decide who’s more pitiful. Or who’s the bigger asshole.

UPDATE: Somebody must have leveled the sidewalk during his nap because this afternoon, he walked right over it with no problem…

Entry 2 (August 22, 2016): After a long, hard day at preschool, I have incurred the wrath of Hayden. I wouldn’t put together his train tracks for him and insisted he help, so he’s screaming in his room. What is an overworked, under appreciated (aka coddled) kid to do but stick it to the man and refuse to play with his trains?

Meanwhile, I’m thoroughly enjoying Monsters University.

UPDATE: he’s yelled himself right to sleep.

UPDATE #2: I have been paying for “being nice” and letting him sleep ever since.

Entry 3 (September 3, 2016): Chris filled Hayden’s snack holder with cereal and then tried to make Hayden carry it by himself. After about a 5 second fit, Hayden decided the end justified the means and somehow mustered up the strength to carry his snack to the living room.

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