Day 2…of how many???


Today was hellacious. It’s day 2 of summer vacation and it was a doozy. It started at 4 and even though Chris took over at 6:30 so I could sleep a little bit longer, the 4 AM wakeup call never gets all the way knocked out. Hayden was so freaking whiny about EVERYTHING and he just stomped all over my very last nerve by around noon. I already have no patience for the whining, and I have even less the more words and communication skills he gets. Even when he wanted things that he has words for, he opted for the whining. Can you see the smoke coming out of my ears? Cause I definitely  did. Plus, I got all in my head about all the work/blog/life things I need to do and how hard it’s going to be to do all that while he’s home everyday. Let me just tell you that its been a delight in my brain today.

Anyway, by dinner we had had enough of each other. I’m a big believer that our kids get just as tired of us and we do of them sometimes and everybody deserves a break. I was sick of the whining and complaining, and he was sick of my griping at him about said whining so I set him up with some dinner in front of a movie and I got to work. Is there anything more stress relieving than cleaning? Other than wine (duh), but I didn’t want to start that until he went to bed (stay tuned). For me, working on my cleaning to-do list is the ticket to lower my stress. I dusted the whole house, put tons of things away, and even helped a bunch of stuff find a home in the garbage can by the street. Focusing on something else helped me clear my mind and make room for some strategies to help with my time management and got some new ideas for the blog. Once I got all that done and his movie was over, we re-set for bedtime. Pjs, teeth, and story time all went well and we settled in (if you read my previous post, this is starting to sound familiar, but there’s a happy ending this time). We talked about the fact that we had had a rough day and about all the fun things we were going to do tomorrow to have a great day. I rubbed his back for a while and when I got up, he sat up and asked for more so I hung back for a bit longer. I would have felt a little guilty about letting him stall even more than he already had, but it helps that his words are limited so whenever he asks for something specific we try our best to give it to him. It’s a win-win for me really.

So now I’m writing this and getting started on the biggest glass of wine known to man. It’s been a tough day, but there’s a plan in place to make the rest of our days together a little bit less task-oriented and tomorrow is a new day. I just wanted to post this in case there are any other mommas out there having a tough go of it and needing some sympathy. Wallow and complain tonight, and then be ready for a fresh start tomorrow. We can do it!

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