BOO! A DIY Halloween Door Hanger

I wanted to make a Halloween door hanger, but crafts have a curious effect on me. I start them feeling all “I am crafty, hear me roar!”  But then I end up sitting in a corner in the fetal position. #reallife However, this one didn’t do that to me! I have done a variation on this door hanger project for Hayden’s room so I felt pretty comfortable with it, but I got a little ambitious while I was shopping and got extra things that the original project didn’t call for. Those are listed under the supplies list, so go nuts! My husband had some of these supplies in the garage and I had his assistance on a couple of steps. The door hanger looks super involved and complicated, but it really is not at all so stay with me! I’ve  probably over-simplified the instructions so this is a long one. Here we go!

Halloween Door Hanger

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  • Wooden letters (I found mine at Michaels, but Walmart and Hobby Lobby have them as well. Be sure there's an eyelet or hook on the back of the top letter)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Brushes (paint brushes and sponge brushes)
  • Mod Podge Outdoor
  • Ribbon
  • Wooden accents (I found some plain wooden shapes that I painted, but there are plenty of options out there that are already decorated)
  • Straight edge or razor blade
  • Sand paper or file
  • Optional Extras:
  • Glitter
  • 3M Spray Adhesive (to attach the scrapbook paper to your letters)
  • Watco Clear Satin Laquer (found at Lowes or Home Depot. But again, Mod Podge Outdoor would do the same thing)
  • Orange 24 gauge wire (I found some at Michaels and used to attach the letters)
  • Small foam bumpers (not required, but makes it less noisy when they hit the door)


  • Paint the edges of the letters with two coats (If using glitter: Once the paint dries, apply a thin layer of mod Podge and add the glitter. If not using glitter: move on to step 2).
  • Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the letters and attach scrapbook paper. Be sure to apply pressure to the whole surface area of the letters (this is where I used the 3M spray. I applied the adhesive to the back of the paper, waited about 2 minutes, and then pressed it on to the letters using firm pressure. The adhesive doesn't dry totally clear and I didn't want the over-spray to show up on the edges, so it's important to spray it on the paper rather than the letters).
  • When the Mod Podge has dried, turn your letters over, paper-side down, and cut out the the letters using a straight edge or razor blade. Once cut, smooth out the edges using sandpaper or a file.
    halloween door hanger
  • If applicable, paint whatever accents you've picked out. Once the paint dries, attach the accents. I used super glue, but Mod Podge would work just as well.
  • When the glue has dried and the accents are set, apply a few thin coats of Mod Podge to seal everything against rain. In my case, I just applied two coats of MP because I was using the clear coat. If you're not using clear coat, you may want to apply a couple more layers.
  • To attach the letters, you can use either ribbon or wire. If using wire, here's what we did.
    a. Cut a piece of wire about a foot long.
    b. Loop through two of the letters, making sure to leave some room in between. Leave a slightly bigger gap than what you want to end up with. It will shorten when we twist it together.
    c. Twist the edges around each other and cut off the excess.
    d. Holding one letter taut, twist the other letter until you have the desired distance between the two. This creates a very pretty twist in the space between the letters.
    halloween door hanger wire
  • Attach as many foam bumpers as you would like. It will make the door hanger a lot quieter when you open and close the door.
  • Cut a piece of ribbon about 16 inches. Tie a knot in the ends, leaving about an 8 inch loop. Place the knot in the eyelet of the top letter and pull until it's firmly in place. Put a big dot of super glue on top of the knot and let dry.
    halloween door hanger
  • If applicable, spray the whole thing with your clear coat and then HANG!

A "Boo" Halloween door hanger

See? A simple Halloween door hanger! I did this over the course of a couple of days while Hayden was sleeping. If you are not working around nap time, this could easily be done in a couple of hours. There are so many ways that you could customize this door hanger to exactly your tastes and I would love to see what you come up with! By changing the letters, paper designs, and accents, you can create versions of this for multiple holidays, your kid’s rooms, or even a teacher gift! For updates on new posts, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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