Lessons We’ve Learned

This week was Hayden’s last week of school. It’s been his first full year and he has learned a TON! He looks like a different kid and his skills have really improved. He’s a champion at coloring and painting, he has become more independent, and his talking has skyrocketed. We still have a long way to go, but hearing him say his ABCs couldn’t be any cuter (especially W. If you follow me on Facebook, I’ve shared a video and it will probably be the best thing you see all day). All these lessons are great and he’s pretty proud of himself, but there are a few things he’s learned this year that particularly stand out. And through those lessons, I’ve learned a few things too.


Mini Mariachi Man

Hayden’s Lesson:  a love of Mexican music. We have several Latin music stations on our tv, but the Mexicana station has become his favorite. He knows exactly where it is and can find it about 10 seconds after he finds the remote that I’ve tried to hide from him (stupid growth spurts. If he grows too much taller, he’s going to be hiding the remote from me).

My Lesson: Mexican music is like the “It’s a Small World” song from Disney World. Once a song salsas its way into your brain It. Never. Ever. Leaves.  It’s also increased my cravings for Mexican food, if that was possible. I’ve never craved fajitas before 7 AM so much in my life (keep reading for that delightful lesson).

The Art of the Stall

Hayden’s Lesson: How to sleep in a toddler bed (or not, as the case may be). The bed is nice and all, but stalling is really where the magic happens. We’ve got a good bedtime routine going, which knocks me right out. Pjs, teeth, stories, songs, cuddles, etc. After luring me into a false sense of security that he’s almost asleep, the fun begins. The preferred methods of stalling are: door slamming, crying, or calling for us (that one typically gets a response because it’s new and still cute). When these don’t work and he finds himself still trapped in his room, he usually ends up passing out in the doorway with a book. Apparently, I never give him quite enough time to catch up on his stories. What happens when you give a mouse a cookie? Will Mr. Fish ever find his classroom? Are pirates polite? The world would never know if it was left up to me. I’ve only read these books to him 18,000 times and the stories may have changed since then.

My Lesson: I’m not sure yet other than the fact that the false sense of security I mentioned earlier only lasts as long as it takes me to sit down with a hot plate of food and a glass of wine. Even if I do other things first, he stays silent UNTIL I sit down with my soulmate Andy Cohen and my fermented lifeblood.

Hayden Bed

The Plight of the Rooster

Hayden’s Lesson: He’s developed a keen appreciation for that peaceful time just before dawn. He understands the struggle a rooster goes through to try and wake a whole farm of lazy, good-for-nothing sloths. A rooster crows; Hayden repeatedly slams his door so hard he shakes the foundation.

My Lesson: I can find my way to his room with my eyes closed. I’ve also learned that if I stray from the routine AT ALL, it’s very possible that I’ll run smack into the baby gate that I forgot to take down when I went into his room. The crash that follows might even scare the crap out of my poor little rooster and cause an epic meltdown that is guaranteed to wake the lone remaining Alvarado sloth. Mission accomplished.

As you can see, Hayden and I have both come a long way this year. He’s learning new things all the time and it will be interesting to see what this summer brings. If you need me, I’ll be the one eating a burrito and nursing my bruised shins from that damn baby gate.

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