Life Is Good

Hey guys! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted…sorry about that! I don’t understand how it’s almost October, but somehow the month of September got away from me. Here’s a little update on what we’ve been up to around here.

Back in July, Hayden had surgery to fix the alignment of his eyes. It was pretty low key compared to the other surgeries he has had, but still stressful nonetheless. There was a chance he was going to have a little bit of pain during his recovery since this surgery was on his eye muscle, so we kept him doped up on Tylenol and he seemed to feel fine. Yet again, I was expecting him to lay low the rest of the day, but he was running around like a crazy person about an hour after we got home.

At his first post-op appointment, she told us we needed to go back to patching his eye because it was starting to turn a little bit and I was SUPER irritated and disappointed. I knew it was a possibility down the line, but I wasn’t expecting it so soon. We switched up our method a bit and used some dilating drops which guaranteed we were getting in the full amount of time every day. It was a lot less of a fight to pop some eye drops in than it was dealing with patches. Anyway, fast forward 6 weeks to the last appointment we had. A couple of weeks before the appointment, Chris noticed a white spot at the top of Hayden’s pupil. My mind instantly went back to when we found out he had cataracts and I started panicking/crying/hyperventilating (the works). I knew there was no way it was a cataract, but I freaked out that something else was wrong with him. I called the doctor and she wasn’t concerned so I tried to stay calm, but it was a long, stressful time until we got to his appointment. I did my best not to obsess about it, but every time I got him in the right light, it was really noticeable and I would panic all over again. At his appointment, she looked at it and said it’s basically scar tissue that he will always have and then we got the news I had been hoping for ever since his initial cataract diagnosis:

  • Perfect alignment
  • Continued improvement in his vision
  • Equal vision in both eyes

I managed to keep it together through the rest of the visit, but once I got to the parking lot I completely lost it. Not only was it relief about the white spot I had been obsessing over, it was everything I had ever wanted to hear from an eye doctor and I got it all at once. Even typing it out now has me all teary.

In addition to his eyesight, his talking is getting better every day and we’re starting to get a sense of what all he actually knows. Up until now, it’s been hard to know which concepts he was getting the hang of because he couldn’t communicate with us. His development seems so much further along with even the little bit of communication he has learned. I can’t explain how encouraging it is to feel like his delays now are more muscle/motor skill oriented rather than knowledge. There were so many days where I felt like we were never going to get past this and I would become exhausted with the weight of it all. It’s like trying to walk up an escalator. No matter how fast you walk and how many steps you gain, you’re no where near the top, and when you stop to check your progress, a few more steps get added to the finish line. This kid has worked so hard to get where he is, and it’s finally starting to feel like we’re nearing the top of our escalator.

Hayden playground


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