Strider Bikes

I recently found out about Strider Bikes through Instagram and I am SO glad I did! They make these really cool balance bikes for children 18 months old all the way up to adults. I looked at their website and found out that their bikes are great for special needs kiddos, including those with low muscle tone like Hayden. He’s had a tricycle for about a year that he just started riding this summer, so I figured this was a perfect time to get him a Strider bike and see how he did with it. It took a couple of weeks to get him used to it, and we’re still working with him but he is starting to really like it! Hayden can be pretty fearful of new things, so we’ve been taking baby steps with him.

The first thing we did was take the bike for a walk. I mean, we literally walked the bike up and down the driveway. I kept it out near his playroom where he could see it every day and we walked it around the house and outside.

FullSizeRender 27
Some people walk their dogs, we walk our bikes

I think he was unsure of how to keep it upright by himself, so walking it around helped him get a feel for it. It is super lightweight and easy to maneuver, but he likes the reassurance. Once that was fun for him, we put him on the bike and held him with one hand and the handlebar with the other. On their website, they recommend you teach your child to ride their Strider bike by supporting them rather than the bike. This gives them a feel for how to correct themselves if the bike starts to tilt and requires them to use their muscles. For us, Hayden needed to feel secure and supported before he was willing to take any steps and he was much happier when we had one hand on his back and one helping him steer. Whatever works for your child!

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The other great thing about these bikes is how easy it is to put them together. If you watched my Insta Story when we first got our bike you know we had a bit of an assembly problem, but that was definitely operator-error. I thought it might be smart to get my oh-so-handy husband to help me put it together…and he did it upside down. That’s the last time I doubt my handyman capabilities because at the very least, I can read instructions . 😛 I’ve got a clothes hamper, book shelf, and toy bin to prove it!

Hayden’s Vision Services teacher came over this week and he was a Strider champion for her. By the time she got done working with him, he was almost taking steps by himself!

Strider Bike 7
Having dad as the destination helped too

Is it just my kid that does all his tricks way better for other people than for me? I see him do all sorts of new things when he has a fresh audience. I hope you guys check out  the Strider Bikes website, as well as their Facebook and Instagram and let me know what you think!



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