My Birthday Wishes For You – A Letter For My Son

Little boy waving while walking with his parents

We officially have a grown man in the house! Hayden's 6th birthday was this week and the growth we’ve seen in the last year has been crazy. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll remember that we saw a lot of new development in Hayden around this time last year. If you’re new … Continue reading My Birthday Wishes For You – A Letter For My Son


Halloween or Bust

halloween train conductor costume 2017

Happy November! It’s currently 80 degrees here, but TECHNICALLY it’s fall, so I’ll take it! I am disturbed by the onslaught of Christmas commercials and emails that I've started getting. I love Christmas as much as anybody, but has everybody forgotten about Thanksgiving? It’s this little holiday that happens a whole month before Christmas. #bringbackthanksgiving … Continue reading Halloween or Bust