Teacher Appreciation Week Recap

This year, I am room mom for Hayden’s class. Other than the big Christmas fundraiser, I haven’t had much Room Mom stuff to do until Teacher Appreciation Week came along. I’m new to this whole school thing so when I got the email from the PTO, I started panicking trying to come up with cute ideas for his class to do that weren’t a financial/time burden on the other parents. Also, because H doesn’t yet have the same skill set as his classmates, I was kind of in the dark on age-appropriate activities. I spent a couple of days on Pinterest and reading over the suggestions from the PTO trying to find ideas until I decided that maybe I should double check and see if I needed to come up with ideas for the whole class or just pass along the email. Turns out, I did all that stressing for nothing (which is bizarre because that never happens to me). All I was responsible for was passing along the letter and deciding what I was going to do for Hayden. SO MUCH EASIER! And since I had already put together a list of ideas, I just had to narrow them down and get to work. One trip to the Dollar Store and Target later, and I was all set! Our theme was “You Color Our World” and here’s what I did.

The first step was making all the labels. I typed them up on our computer and made a small label to attach to each day’s gift in that day’s color. Once I printed those out, I attached them to some construction paper. I found the ribbon at the dollar store and it matched the week’s theme perfectly!

Rainbow Teacher Appreciation Week Labels


Monday (blue day): Hayden gave both of his teachers a blue soap from Bath & Body Works. If you’re more prepared than I am and plan for these types of things earlier than the week before, start checking your soap and candle stores for sales to stock up! Don’t forget the other important leaders in your kid’s lives and spoil them a little too (therapists, librarians, etc).


Tuesday (Green Day): I found some cute succulents at Target and tied ribbon around the top with the label “Thank you for helping me BLOOM”

Wednesday (Yellow Day): I bought a big bag of Starbursts and attached the label “I am BURSTing with thanks”

Thursday (Orange Day): I bought each teacher their favorite snack and had a label that said “Orange you glad I think you’re a great?

Friday (Red/Pink Day): Hayden colored a picture saying “Thank You for helping me grow up this year!” with different shades of pink and red.

Another fun thing we did last week was to dress in each day’s color!

Hayden’s teachers do so much for him every day and have worked tirelessly with him. They are always super positive and encouraging when we feel like we’re at the end of our parenting rope and they are a voice of reason for us. There have definitely been some times that, without them, we would have loaned Hayden out to the mail lady for a couple of days (I’m only half kidding). She seems very nice and a joy to be around so I’m sure he would have a blast. He’s given them a run for their money some days, so I definitely wanted to use this week as a chance to show them how much we appreciate all they do for him and us.


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