The Paddle Pal

Thanks to The Paddle Pal, it’s been a busy, beach-filled summer around here! For awhile, Hayden was really apprehensive about the beach. All the sounds and the texture of the sand really scared him so we didn’t push it. We had WAY too many other fires to put out before tackling the beach. Our first successful beach trip was last year and he also really started to like playing in the pool. He was pretty weak still, but he wasn’t as afraid of it, so that was win for us.

This year, however, we have a totally different kid. I’m not sure when the aliens showed up and made the switch, but I don’t know who this new kid is! He’s totally fearless around the water now and we make trips to the beach almost weekly!

I recently found The Paddle Pal on Instagram and couldn’t wait to try it out! It’s a lightweight handlebar that straps on to your paddle board so kids can stand up while you paddle. The straps slide right over the front of your board and can be cinched down to tighten the fit. How cool is that?!?! On one of our beach days earlier this year, we decided to try him out on the paddle board. I was sure he would hate it and panic, but he surprised us again and LOVED it! He could stand up on it as long as we went really slowly, and we had to sit behind him to give him a little bit of support. He thought that was fun, but he really wanted to be able to do it himself. Now that he has his Paddle Pal, he can!

Hayden loves the independence and it’s so much easier for him to see everything around us. Plus, it gives me some peace of mind that the Paddle Pal provides him an extra safeguard against falling off if we hit some waves. I love that we have a way to make paddle boarding a family activity. It’s a great exercise for Hayden to continue building his muscle strength, and it gives him so much confidence to be able to do it on his own.

paddle pal

If you want to check them out further and order your own Paddle Pal, their website is and you can find them on Instagram. For updates on new posts, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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